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IPR Daily Launches The International Periodical to Record IP Contributors

IPR Daily

2022-12-05 10:56:20

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IPR Daily Global has recently published the first issue of IP PEOPLE (ISSN: 2790-7538), an international periodical dedicated to providing a broader and deeper perspective on the development of the IP community by tracing the footprints, thought processes, and strategic moves of global trailblazers at the forefront of industries and innovation.

IPR has become a key part of global mobility and cooperation as a result of the knowledge economy, or to simplify it, knowledge-driven industrial development. And its role will be strengthened as globalization deepens. To navigate opportunities and challenges, we need to create a platform for mutual learning and understanding.

Aware that global cooperation in innovation is premised on the shared respect for IPR, China is stepping up its IPR protection. The narrative of its effort has become a key to improving worldwide competition and collaboration.

As a Beijing-based IP service provider, IPR Daily is committed to connecting IP people and technology innovators around the world. We cover the latest on China’s IPR agenda in addition to overseas trends and policy dynamics in the field, providing readers both at home and abroad with our selected stories.

As the world pushes for better IPR protection, we, too, feel the responsibility on our shoulders. The expectations of China to make our voice heard and have our responsible image seen worldwide cannot be met unless more people are willing to join the efforts and pull their weight.

There are always a group of IP people who, with their wisdom and tenacity, are delivering progress and cooperation in IPR across industries. It is an honor and a responsibility for us to make their story better known.

Powered by hundreds of overseas IPR observers and 300,000 users, our coverage guarantees both breadth and depth: from leading figures who are steering technology, innovation, and IP to thought-provoking insights on central issues and cutting-edge research in the sector. We look beyond where we stand. Businesses and their recipes for success, leaders and their answers to challenges—This is IP People.



if you are interested in this periodical, you may contact us to get the full content.

 contact person - Camila Li: camila@iprdaily.com

Source: IPR Daily

Editor: IPR Daily-Selly

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