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2019 Global Intellectual Property Ecology Congress


2019-11-03 16:43:21


2019 Global Intellectual Property Ecology Congress

New Changes in IP Ecology


2019 is a roller coaster ride for the world economy, accompanied by the recurrence of international trade disputes and the upsurge of intellectual property disputes. China is an exception, as its economy is smoothly whizzing forward, powered by the triple engines of industrial upgrading, high-end intelligent manufacturing, and export restructuring. In the meantime, however, China’s IP industry, one of the flagships, finds itself on an inevitable collision course with those of other major countries.

Currently, the Chinese IP scene is shifting its focus from quantity to quality and benefits. Change is everywhere - from policy making to law amendments, from corporate management to industrial ecology. That further establishes “change” as one of the buzzwords of the year.

New amendments to the Trademark Law and other IP legislations feature heavier penalties for infringement, proclaiming to the world China’s commitment to stricter IP protection. The successful launch of Sci-Tech Innovation Board, even as it deepens the pockets of tech innovators, sinks some listed companies into the quagmire of patent litigation. The surging number of patents is a double-edged sword - it chips away at companies' capability to manage these patents amid high costs while giving them a better shot against rivals.

As one of the greatest events in China’s IP industry, the Global Intellectual Property Ecology Congress (GIPC) allows Chinese IP leaders, CEOs of growth companies, and top investors to share their success stories, explore business opportunities and envisage future trends. GIPC has so far become a key exchange platform for industry tycoons, executives, entrepreneurs and investors.

GIPC 2019 will be held at Kuntai Hotel Beijing on November 6, 2019. It is organized by IPRdaily and the Capital Intellectual Property Services Association, and supported by the Intellectual Property Administration of Beijing Economic-Technological Development Area. Over 500 elite corporate IP managers from a dozen countries and regions will attend the conference which is themed “New Changes in IP Ecology”.

The GIPC awards of the year never fail to grab headlines, and this year will be no exception. GIPC 2019 will put in the limelight China’s Influential IPR Companies of the Year, a blockbuster addition to the A-list comprising China’s Top 10 Patent Agencies of the Year, China’s Top 10 Trademark Agencies of the Year, China’s Influential IPR People of the Year, and China’s Influential IPR Agencies of the Year.

Times, environment, and industries are all changing. GIPC 2019 is the very lens that we can use to peep into these changes for solutions.




the Capital Intellectual Property Services Association


2019 Global Intellectual Property Ecology Congress

(Kuntai Hotel Beijing, November 6, 2019)







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