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2019 G40 IPR Leaders Closed-Door Summit


2019-11-03 16:42:58


2019 G40 IPR Leaders Closed-Door Summit

PCT Cooperation


Statistics from the World Intellectual Property Organization show that China filed 53,345 PCT applications in 2018, up 9.1% YoY; the continued growth momentum cemented the country’s position as the world’s second largest origin of PCT filings.

As the application process is highly specialized and complex, agencies account for a considerable percentage of the filings. For a long time, foreign-oriented business typified by PCT agent services has been the core undertaking and biggest source of profits for major Chinese agencies, and most of these services have been delivered together with overseas partners. How is labor divided? How are the partnerships going? Is there any room for improvement? Where are the partnerships heading? These issues have yet to be discussed in detail by industry peers.

Driven by PCT agent services and other foreign-oriented business, major Chinese agencies have maintained their market position over the years. How long will the equilibrium last in the new global economic and trade landscape? Do major agencies outside Beijing have a chance to disrupt the status quo? Can the multitude of small- and medium-sized agencies carve out an existence?

Meanwhile, almost all the leading overseas agencies have fastened their eyes on China. While tapping the market, what kind of challenges and confusions have they experienced? How can they regroup and realign in the context of China-US trade friction, among other global economic headwinds?

In addition to the agencies at home and abroad, the arena of PCT cooperation spotlights service providers and tech innovators from such sectors as IP protection, data services, evidence collection and preservation, translation and consulting, trading platform, financial capital, and media.

Organized by IPRdaily and the Capital Intellectual Property Services Association, and supported by the Intellectual Property Administration of Beijing Economic-Technological Development Area, the 2019 G40 IPR Leaders Closed-Door Summit is scheduled to open at Kuntai Hotel Beijing on November 5, 2019. Over 100 heavyweights from major/leading IP service providers in China, the US, Japan, South Korea, ASEAN members, and Belt and Road countries will attend the Summit to brainstorm on “PCT Cooperation” and other new topics of foreign-oriented business.

This year’s Summit features one-on-one sessions at the VIP Room, where Chinese and overseas service providers will have plenty of time and privacy to engage with potential and existing partners.




the Capital Intellectual Property Services Association

2019 G40 Asia-Pacific IPR Leaders Closed-Door Summit

(Kuntai Hotel Beijing, November 5, 2019)





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