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Agenda Announced! GIPC 2023 Global Communication Intellectual Property Ecology Conference will be held in Beijing on July 21

IPR Daily

2023-07-12 19:36:09

The Global Intellectual Property Ecology Conference (GIPC), hosted by IPR Daily and IPR Daily GLOBAL, will be held in Beijing on July 21, 2023, as the second installment of "The King of Industry" series: 2023 GIPC Global Communication Intellectual Property Ecology Conference. The conference will focus on three main themes: The Prime Year of Communication Intellectual Property, The Focus of SEP, and The Trend of SEP, featuring 12 thematic discussions and three round-table discussions. The topics will focus on the current status of the communication industry, SEP, NPE litigation, etc., discuss intellectual property issues and countermeasures in the development of the communication industry from multiple perspectives, build corporate competitive advantages, and avoid future infringement risks.

The conference will focus on the latest policies and regulations closely related to the communication industry, and look at the development prospects of the industry from the top-level design improvement path at the same time. In recent years, the rapid development of communication industry technology has triggered a series of disputes over the establishment of standard essential patent fees, patent litigation and unfair competition, which has promoted the revision and improvement of relevant policies. For example, the State Administration for Market Regulation has recently issued the Provisions on the Prohibition of Abuse of Intellectual Property Rights to Exclude and Restrict Competition and Anti-Monopoly Guidelines in the Field of Standard Essential Patents (Draft for Comment) to further provide guidelines for protecting innovation. This conference will pay attention to the latest policy trends and invite experts to further interpret the intellectual property policies in the communication field.

As one of the largest exchange events in the domestic intellectual property field, GIPC was founded by IPR Daily in 2015. Over the years, the GIPC conference has always focused on the forefront development of intellectual property ecology, gained insights into industry trends, and invited industry experts to exchange insights on current industry pain points from the perspective of intellectual property, bridging the communication bridge for innovation and sustainable development of various industries. The GIPC 2023 King of Industry Series, the first installment of the New Energy Vehicles Intellectual Property Ecology Conference was successfully held online in January 2023. This live conference invited renowned domestic and foreign car companies, lithium battery companies, and elite lawyers to discuss hot intellectual property issues such as trade secrets and compliance of new energy vehicles, standard essential patents, and intellectual property layout.

GIPC 2023 General Conference Agenda Overview

Friday, July 21, 2023


1. Topic of speech

· Development Status and Future Trends of the Communication Industry

· Patent Application Strategy and Barriers in the Communication Industry

· Domain Retrieval Analysis and Patent Mining of Communication Patents

· Communication Patent Pool Establishment and Practical Experience Sharing

· Legal Interpretation of the Latest Policy on Intellectual Property Rights in Communication Field

2. Round-Table Discussion

· Discussion on Hot Issues of Communication Patent Application from Multiple Perspectives

3. Interpretation of Ranking List

Interpretation of the Global Ranking of Wireless Communication Network Technology Patent (TOP100)


1. Topic of speech

· Interpretation of FRAND Standard Essential Patent Litigation Cases

·Discussion on the Dilemmas and Solutions of SEP Licensing in the Communication Industry

· Research on Comprehensive Calculation Method of SEP License Fees

· IPlytics Connection Standards and Patents

· Response and Reflection on NPE Litigation——From the Perspective of High-tech Enterprises

· High-Value Patent Strategy and Case Analysis

· Response to SEP Licenses for Cross-Vehicles and Mobile Phones

· FRAND Licensing Works

2. Round-Table Discussion

· Experience Sharing on How Companies in Different Fields deal with Standard Essential Patent Litigation




IPR Daily

IPR Daily Global


Union of Innovation China

Supporting Organizations

The Chinese Overseas Student Development Foundation (COSDF)

US-China IP Exchange & Development Foundation (UCIPF)

Capital Intellectual Property Services Association (CIPSA)

Henan Province Key Industry Intellectual Property Rights Operation Fund (L.P.)

China-Korea International Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center

Korea Patent News

Singapore IP Exchange


About GIPC Global Intellectual Property Ecology Conference

Since its establishment in 2014, IPR Daily has held many events throughout the year. The Global Intellectual Property Ecology Conference (GIPC) is an international exchange platform for global frontier intellectual property practitioners under IPR Daily, where you can listen to the most cutting-edge innovative thinking, discuss the most popular industry trends, and experience the most imaginative high-tech products and the implementation of industrial scientific and technological achievements. Previous GIPC conferences have participated in intellectual property executives from Tesla, Huawei, ZTE, Xiaomi, Lenovo, BYD, Qualcomm and many other companies. The Global Intellectual Property Ecology Conference (GIPC) is one of the most grand exchanges in the field of intellectual property in China. It is an important meeting for Chinese intellectual property leaders, CEOs of high-growth companies and top investors to share growth experience, explore business opportunities, and forecast business trends. It has become an important platform for intellectual property leaders, entrepreneurs and investors to communicate and exchange.


About IPR Daily

IPR Daily is a leading global provider of comprehensive intellectual property information services, dedicated to connecting global intellectual property with scientific and technological innovation talents. It brings together managers and technology R&D or intellectual property leaders from high-tech companies and growing technology companies from 15 countries and regions including China, the United States, Europe, Russia, Israel, Australia, Singapore, Japan, and South Korea. There are nearly 1 million global users (over 700,000 domestic + nearly 300,000 overseas) from governments, law firms, agency firms, R&D, or service organizations. In 2019, the number of page views on the entire website has exceeded 100 million times.


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