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UK: Government Announces Industry Progress on Music Streaming

IPR Daily

2023-06-05 20:17:22

The Intellectual Property Office (IPO) has today published the UK Industry Agreement on Music Streaming Metadata.

Music streaming metadata is information which describes who contributed to a track’s creation, and how - such as who wrote a song, who performed on a recording, and who owns it.

In the era of digital music, better quality metadata will support more accurate and timely payments for music creators from streaming.

The voluntary agreement sets out a positive commitment from players across the UK music streaming industry to progressively improve metadata in new recordings, and deliver consistent crediting on streaming services over a two-year period.

In addition to the commitments on metadata announced today, the Government will establish a working group to explore and consider industry-led actions on remuneration for existing and future creators, acknowledging recent progress by music companies in this space.

The Government will be discussing the formation of the group and terms of reference with industry stakeholders over the coming weeks, recognising the importance of a successful and globally competitive music industry, and the need to consider wider issues facing creators and industry alike, including artificial intelligence.

The working group will be composed of representatives and experts from across the music sector and will consider the research and progress already made in this area. This includes the research commissioned and published by the IPO on music creators’ earnings and copyright.

Viscount Camrose, Minister for AI and Intellectual Property, said:

I am delighted to announce the publication today of the UK industry agreement on music streaming metadata, and the establishment of a further working group on creator remuneration. This has been a fantastic collaboration between industry experts, and the Intellectual Property Office.

Good quality metadata benefits everyone who creates and enjoys music. The agreement on metadata is a positive commitment by the music industry to improve the quality of metadata in the UK. I am very pleased to see the wide range of organisations which are signatories to the agreement, and I look forward to seeing the further progress that industry makes on metadata over the next two years.

John Whittingdale, Minister for the Creative Industries, said:

The UK is a hotbed for world-beating musical talent but as technology advances we need our thriving music industry to continue to offer viable career opportunities.

This landmark agreement on streaming metadata is a step towards ensuring UK musicians in the digital age are fairly credited and compensated for their contributions and creativity. Alongside the IPO I’m pleased to be bringing the industry together so we can explore wider issues around music creator remuneration more generally.

Notes for editor:

The voluntary industry metadata agreement includes:

  • a shared ambition to progressively improve metadata in new recordings and consistent crediting on streaming services over a two-year period.

  • agreement to take steps to ensure a core data set is associated with all new recordings.

  • agreement to follow and promote good practice in industry.

  • agreement to establish and support expert working groups on education and technical solutions to drive forward further improvements during the two-year period.

The metadata agreement and the working group on remuneration form part of a wider programme of work from the Government and industry to address issues in music streaming.

This programme includes work on an industry code of practice to improve transparency around licensing and royalties for artists and songwriters.

This code of practice is at an advanced stage and is expected to be finalised and published in the coming months.

The research commissioned and published by the IPO includes the Music Creators’ Earnings in the Digital Era report and a report into Rights Reversion and Contract Adjustment.

Source: UKIPO

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