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GIPC 2023 | The King of Industry: Global Intellectual Property Ecology Conference of New Energy Vehicles

IPR Daily

2022-12-09 19:27:15


Against the background of the complicated times and the uncertain global economic situation, we, who are in the ecosystem of intellectual property, should realize that a new era is coming.


Intellectual property is mutually reinforcing with technical innovation as well as economy developing. Industry is vital for economic development while intellectual property is a key point for industry development, technology difficulty overcoming, stable and safe industry chain and supply chain assurance. Nowadays, the application of intellectual property in important industry has been focused as a popular topic. 


As one of the most ceremonious interchange events globally in the IP field, Global Intellectual Property Ecology Conference (GIPC) is hosted by IPR Daily since 2015. Keeping up with the trend of IP and assisting more people in their growth, GIPC has been paying attention to the latest developments in intellectual property for many years. As economy shows signs of chilling, aiming at prospective industry, GIPC launches a series of activities with the theme of “The King of Industry” to face challenges and settle troublesome problems with a foresight and sagacity.


The 1st event of “the King of Industry” is about NEV (New energy vehicles) industry which is developing rapidly. As is well known to all that as the competition intensifies, intellectual property litigation in the NEV industry has become more violent and aggressive. Meanwhile, the arrival of the smart car era has also brought more patent problems to automobile enterprises. Therefore, we expect that the opinions shared by professionals in this event may inspire whom may concern this industry to figure out methods solving problems under IP ecosystem.


In the new era, we are looking forward to aiming at new industry.


Through this event, you can learn the following matters:

  • The SEP issues about lithium batteries and NEV (including rates, litigation, laws and rules, strategies and so on);

  • The key and difficult points of the patent portfolio in the NEV;

  • Strategies of design in the NEV (including The Hague Agreement, partial appearance, design in designated color and so on);

  • Risk prevention for enterprises of NEV and lithium battery (including risk warning, risk prevention, case interpretation, coping strategy, litigation skills, etc.);

  • Patent operation strategy related to NEV and lithium battery enterprises;

  • IP strategy planning for NEV and lithium battery enterprises;

  • Strategies of trade secret for NEV and lithium battery enterprises.


VVVIP, Controversial Topics,Brand New Perspectives...


For more details, please constantly pay close attention to the forecast of our event.


If you are interested to make any presentation at this event, please contact IPR Daily for more information:

Camila Li

Email: camila@iprdaily.com

Wechat: 13051960848

Phone number: 13051960848

Source: IPR Daily

Editor: IPR Daily-Ann

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