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IP PEOPLE: Special Interview With INTA CEO: Etienne De Acedo

IPR Daily

2022-08-15 16:45:24

The New York-based International Trademark Association (INTA) is a global association of brands and intellectual property professionals with the aim of promoting consumer trust, economic growth and innovation, and building a better society. The association has nearly 6,500 institutional members and approximately 34,000 IP professionals from 185 countries and regions. It is dedicated to promoting the trademark cause around the world and providing global educational programs, relevant information, and legal resources.


Mr. Etienne de Acedo, a former practicing attorney and law professor, became INTA's Chief Executive Officer in 2013.


The grand comeback


The 2020 INTA Annual Meeting, which was originally scheduled to be held in Singapore, was canceled due to the outbreak of the pandemic. INTA held mini-conferences for the 2021 Annual Meeting in Berlin, Los Angeles, and New York last year. However, over the past two years, countless IP practitioners may have been reliving the 2019 INTA Boston Annual Meeting where they were able to have a lively chat with friends and clients: when there was no virus raging and the industry was booming. Everyone was eagerly looking forward to another offline party.


This year, INTA members meet once again. This has undoubtedly inspired the global industry and comes as a shot in the arm to the international intellectual property industry that has been dormant for a long time. According to Mr. Acedo, more than 5,300 IP practitioners from upwards of 100 countries and regions have signed up for this year's INTA Annual Meeting. There is also an online meeting to be specially held for those who can't make it to the Washington venue.


Never stop


It is an indisputable fact that the epidemic has given us a hard time both in work and life. But INTA has never stopped moving forward: The 2020 and 2021 Annual Meetings were broadcast live online; three small offline mini-conferences were held in Berlin, New York, and Los Angeles in 2021, which received an overwhelming response.


In the past two years, INTA has been leveraging virtual technology to push ahead with its work. In 2021, INTA held an online "Chairman and CEO Meeting", as well as weekly online meetings with members from different countries. He said: "While we can't travel with our legs, we can travel virtually." Through online communication with its members, INTA is able to gain an insight into the situation of its members and discuss different brand topics with them. Although it is an online exchange, INTA members can still discover new business opportunities and develop new business.


In addition, the online exchange not only helps members develop new business and new clients, but also highlights various topics in the IP industry, such as "IP diversity, equality, inclusiveness and women's leadership" and "the future of IP", which has made outstanding contributions to the development of the global intellectual property industry.


According to Mr. Acedo, INTA has benefited a lot from the experience in the past two years. That's why INTA decides to make this year's annual meeting both online and offline.


China to INTA


Throughout the history of its annual meetings, INTA has its footprint almost all over the world from the far-flung Barcelona to neighboring Singapore, but zilch on the Chinese mainland. When asked if INTA will consider holding one annual meeting on the Chinese mainland, Mr. Acedo said: "Personally, I like China very much. It plays a crucial role in the future development of the IP industry. An important consideration for our venue selection is the number of our local members, especially corporate members. Many members from China are very engaged and active in INTA's work, and I hope more Chinese companies can join us. If we consider China, we may well choose Beijing or Shanghai, and of course other cities will not be excluded." Speaking of this, Mr. Acedo smiled. He had taken on several business trips to China in the past, and the wonderful experience made him full of expectations and confidence in holding an annual meeting in China.


INTA set up its first overseas office in China in 2004. INTA's only non-English publication is the International Trademark Newsletter in Chinese.


Mr. Acedo said that INTA attaches great importance to China and has three goals in the country: The first is to help Chinese brands find a way to the international market; the second is to help international brands set a foothold in China; and the third is to provide consulting services for China's ongoing legislation for intellectual property protection"in a very respectful manner.""China's 14th Five-Year Plan for Economic Development provides tremendous support and opportunities for the intellectual property industry, especially the trademark industry. China has made a great achievement in intellectual property protection so far. Over time, a lot of work will be carried out step by step. And we hope to be able to help in this regard," said Mr. Acedo.

Source: IPR Daily-IP PEOPLE

Editor: IPR Daily-Selly

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