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IP PEOPLE: Ren Zhengfei Signs The Patent Licensing Business Report

IPR Daily

2022-07-18 17:27:30

On April 6, 2022, Huawei Xinsheng Community posted the Patent Licensing Business Report signed by Ren Zhengfei, founder and CEO of Huawei.


The report stated that Huawei should establish scientific and reasonable IP values and set up the company's image as an innovator in order to ensure the company's sustainable and quality development.


The report also pointed out that it is necessary to keep pace with the times to formulate IP strategies to serve the commercial success of the company and explore technology secret licensing models and industrial promotion mechanisms.


Huawei's IP department pointed out that it used to defend the company and ensure the security of the company's own business. After so many years of accumulation, Huawei now has a high-value patent package in several major fields such as 5G, WiFi 6, audio and video codec, optical transmission, and optical intelligence, which helps enhance the company's international influence.


The department added: To establish scientific and reasonable IP values, Huawei must continue its efforts in the following four aspects: First, protect its research and innovation achievements and build a high value patent package on a global scale; second, continue to use patents to protect the company's global business security; third, enhance the image as an innovator through reasonable royalties; and fourth, seek partnerships with selected patent pools and patent operating companies.

Source: IPR Daily-IP PEOPLE

Editor: IPR Daily-Selly

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