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IP PEOPLE: Innovation Against All Odds

IPR Daily

2022-07-06 14:29:11

As a tech giant with global reach, Apple is by all odds a byword for modern technology. Ranking eighth in the Forbes Global 2000, the company had become the first company ever to hit a US$3 trillion market cap in January 2021. Apple CEO Tim Cook gave an interview at the VivaTech startup and innovation conference on June17,2021. "We do allow ourselves to fail. We try to fail internally instead of externally...Failing is a part of life and it's a part of whether you're a new company, a startup, or you're a company that's been around a while. If you're not failing, you're not trying enough different things."


Mr. Cook also touched on, among other things, Apple's focus on privacy, the future of AR, and anti-trust. When asked about new forays Apple was making, he noted that it had embarked on many projects, some of which probably wouldn't make it to see the daylight. Mr.Cook said the secret to Apple's supremacy in smartphones and tablets has always been its devotion to innovation and embrace of failure.

Source: IPR Daily-IP PEOPLE

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