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IPR Daily Makes Appearance at WIPO China: Series of Roundtables 2022 with IP-related Associations And Media

IPR Daily

2022-04-06 10:02:07

On March 24, the WIPO Office in China (WOC) held the roundtable 2022 with IP-related associations and media in Beijing. Representatives from China Trademark Association (CTA), Copyright Society of China (CSC), China Association of Inventions (CAI), Patent Protection Association of China (PPAC), China Intellectual Property Society (CIPS), China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT), Music Copyright Society of China (MCSC), China Audio-Video Copyright Association (CAVCA), China Written Works Copyright Society (CWWCS), China Film Copyright Association (CFCA), Images Copyright Society of China (ICSC), China Daily, China Market Supervision News, China Intellectual Property News, China Science Daily, China Press, Publication, Radio and Television News, China Copyright Magazine, Sina Weibo, Zhihu, IP Lead and IPR Daily were invited to the Roundtable.


Photo by: Lv Guoliang

Ms. Liu Hua, Director of WOC, pointed out that the global IP filings remained strong and resilient against the backdrop of the big changes and the pandemic. The Global Innovation Index (GII) and the World Intellectual Property Indicators (WIPI) 2021 showed that the global R&D investments, venture capitals and the IP applications have further increased against the overall downward trend. The pandemic severely hit the traditional industries such as tourism, traval and transportation, but on the other hand, it has accelerated the emerging industries such as bio-medical, distance education, mobile payment and the Internet of Things. With the rapid development of artificial intelligence, big data, block-chain, cloud computing and the Metaverse, WIPO will address, negotiate and develop relevant new rules in oder to forge a balanced, inclusive, vibrant and forward-looking global IP ecosystem for the benefit of all.

Liu Hua pointed out that China, as an important integral part of the global IP ecosystem, accounting for almost half of the global total in terms of patent, trademark and industrial design applications by origin, has established itself as an innovation leader, ranking 12th in the GII 2021. Notably, with increasing importance attached by the Chinese government to IP and formulation of the top-designs for IP policies and systems, such as the 15-year Plan for the Building of an IPR Powerhouse and the 14th Five-Year Plan on IP, as outlined by the Chinese Premier Li Keqiang in his Government Work Report 2022, China will embrace a promising future of innovation, creativity and IP undertakings.

Liu Hua welcomed China to participate in the global IP governance. WIPO and WOC would continue to tell the people-oriented Chinese IP stories, engage and support more extensively women, youth and SMEs in China, taking their ideas to markets and ensuring IP being a part of their life, aspiration and journey; continue to partner with Chinese stakeholders, aming to develop long-term mutually beneficial and win-win cooperation; continue to provide high quality IP services, knowledge and data to Chinese users, responding to their needs; and continue to support Chinese government to use IP as a policy tool to create jobs, attract investments, improve business competitiveness and ultimately contribute to growth and sustainable development.

Liu Hua also introduced the public-private cooperation platforms for creative industries launched by WIPO, including Accessible Books Consortium (ABC), WIPO Connect, WIPO for Creators, WIPO Alert, and Access to Research for Development and Innovation (ARDI). She looks forward to the participation of Chinese Collective Management Organizations (CMOs).


Photo by: Lv Guoliang

Mr. Zhou Yaping, Vice Chairman of China Audio-Video Copyright Association (CAVCA), pointed out that with the growing internationalization of China's music industry and under the impact of Internet technologies, new challenges are posed to copyright governance. The priority of the CAVCA is to improve the trading rules of creative content on the platforms, encouraging the extensive dissemination of works, so that the value of works can be realized on a more complete and equal basis.


Photo by: Lv Guoliang

Mr. Ma Fu, President of the China Trademark Association (CTA), said that CTA would continue to work with WIPO on the promotion of Madrid System, which provides Chinese enterprises with an efficient, convenient and low-cost route to protect their brands overseas. He invited WIPO to host the Madrid Roundtable during the China Trademark Festival this year.


Photo by: Lv Guoliang

Mr. Sun Yue, Vice Chairman of the Copyright Society of China (CSC), taking Tencent Music for instance, discussed the hot topics in China's copyright industry. He said that after obtaining the status as a WIPO Observer, CSC would further the cooperation with WIPO to jointly promote the development of China's copyright industry.


Photo by: Lv Guoliang

Mr. Liu Ping, Acting Director-General of the Music Copyright Society of China (MCSC), said that MCSC aims to establish an international network for collective works protection, which is the best solution for the original authors to exercise their rights. He hoped to work with the industry and international organizations including WIPO to expand the coverage of MCSC's global music protection network, achieve a broader balance of interests, and strengthen the international protection for outstanding musical works.


Photo by: Lv Guoliang

Mr. Zhang Hongbo, Director-General of the China Written Works Copyright Society (CWWCS), said that CWWCS has always been committed to maximizing the interests of creators of written works. CWWCS supports a series of creator unions established by WIPO, and strives to empower cultural creation to realize multiple IP rights outputs from one works, so that people can better enjoy their cultural rights.


Photo by: Lv Guoliang

Mr. He Zhenfu, Vice Chairman of China Association of Inventions (CAI), briefly introduced its invention exhibition, inventor forum and invention awards. He proposed to expand the cooperation areas and innovate the cooperation channels with WIPO, jointly promoting and creating a favourable environment for invention and creation in China.


Photo by: Lv Guoliang

Mr. Ma Hongya, Deputy Secretary-General of the Patent Protection Association of China (PPAC), said that PPAC has the full coverage of all major patent companies, including those in artificial intelligence, biomedicine and other high-tech fields. On behalf of the Chinese industries, PPAC submits legislative opinions domestically and internationally, and assists in settling patent disputes between Chinese and foreign enterprises.


Photo by: Lv Guoliang

Mr. Wu Yunsong, Secretary-General of the China Film Copyright Association (CFCA), expressed concerns about copyright infringements of by short video platforms and the excessive concentration of film and television works resources on large online platforms. He hoped to maintain close cooperative relationship with WIPO, monitoring and warning infringing websites, regulating the secondary creation of film and television works, to help the Chinese government improve the governance of the content industry, and promote the internationalization of China's film and television industry.


Photo by: Lv Guoliang

Ms. Shen Peilan, Director of the Treaty and Law Division of the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT), said that the cooperation between CCPIT and WIPO has enjoyed a long history since CCPIT was the first one to contact WIPO on behalf of China. She believes that with the increasing demand of export-oriented enterprises for their overseas presence, it is high time that WIPO's global service systems be further promoted in China. CCPIT will continue to leverage its communication advantages in linking government-enterprise relations, and work with WIPO to promote a thriving IP cause in China.


Photo by: Lv Guoliang

Ms. Liu Jie, Director of the Editing and Production Division of the News Development Center of China Daily, believed that WIPO's strategy of telling people-oriented IP stories shares the same concept with China Daily's spreading China's good voice to the outside world. She hoped to further cooperation with WIPO on telling excellent stories of Chinese brands.


Photo by: Lv Guoliang

Ms. Li Chun, Editor-in-Chief of China Market Supervision News, said that a series of IP activities organized by WIPO and WOC, especially those aimed at women and youth, have greatly enriched the reporting materials and contents of the newspaper for the event of IP Publicity Week, and have a good demonstration effect in public.


Photo by: Lv Guoliang

Mr. Feng Fei, Deputy Director of the Editorial Center of China IP News, said that WOC is a bridge to communicate the development of IP in China and overseas. As gold assets of IP, WIPO has exported a tremendous amount of IP information and world innovative development trends to China and beyond. He looks forward to maintaining a positive interaction with WIPO, introducing advanced experience from abroad and spreading more Chinese voices to the outer world.


Photo by: Lv Guoliang

Mr. Li Chen, Deputy Senior Reporter of China Science Daily, said that the GII released by WIPO every year has attracted more and more attention among Chinese scientists and researchers. She expects continuing cooperation with WIPO to empower scientists and researchers to maximize their financial returns for realizing the value of knowledge through IP.


Photo by: Lv Guoliang

Mr. Li Jie, Deputy Editor-in-Chief of China Copyright Magazine, said that the magazine has been closely tracking the work of WIPO and WOC. This year's coverage will focus on China's recent accession to the Marrakesh Treaty and the Hague Agreement. The newly launched magazine Creative of China will also establish a special column for WIPO in order to be more closely posted with the latest development in the world's innovation landscape.


(Left) Ms. Sui Mingzhao (China Press, Publication, Radio and Television News); Mr. Zhang Han (Sina Weibo); Mr. Zhang Xuan (IP Lead); Ms. Li Meng (IPR Daily)

Representatives from China Press, Publication, Radio and Television News, Sina Weibo, Zhihu, IP Lead and IPR Daily also exchanged views on the major IP trends in China.

Source: WIPO中国

Editor: IPR Daily-Rene

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