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Shengquan Group will license 15 Patents on Face Mask freely, and is leading to establish Hygine Protective Equipment Intellectual Property Alliance


2020-03-11 14:45:59


“During the epidemic period, relevant patent technology on face mask of Shengquan Group will be freely licensed to companies around face mask chain, and Shengquan Group will provide technical guidance also.” 15 patents (granted & in filing) in the 1st batch on face mask will be licensed freely to jointly stimulate the technical innovation of hygine protective equipment, help the high quality development of hygine protective equipment industry and the epidemic prevention work, released by Shengquan Group on 11 March, 2020.

Shengquan Group is an important face mask manufacturing company in Jinan City. Shengquan Group has already invested tens of millions RMB to expand its face mask product capacity based on the original two KN95 assembly lines to guarantee the demand of epidemic prevention, since the outbreak of novel coronavirus pneumonia. Now, Shengquan Group has 3 KN95 respirator assembly lines with 30,000 masks/day increased from 10,000 masks/day; 20 disposable face mask assembly lines with 1,000,000 masks/day’s production capacity.

As an innovative company in high end new material field, Shengquan Group always pays high attention to the improvement and promotion of face mask’s function by new material and new technology. After the efforts of the R&D department, Shengquan Group now has already independently developed and got 15 high-value patents (granted & in filing) on face mask, introduced by one director of respirator institute.

Among them, Shengquan independently develops the “on-line corona discharge treatment technology to increase the filtration efficiency of face mask” technology that designed and prepared the micro low voltage corona discharge equipment used for face mask assembly line, which significantly improve the filtration efficiency of face mask product. The maximum filtration efficiency can improved to 96% for the disposable face mask with 25 gsm meltblown nonwovens after the national authority third party test agency in accordance with the test method of filtration efficiency in GB 2626-2006 standard, where the the test condition is 85L/Min’s airflow that can maximum realize the 96% interception efficiency of 0.075 micron (CMD) non-oily particulate. Many times’ test results prove that after on-line corona discharge treatment, the disposable face mask made of meltblown nonwovens can close to or meet the filtration efficiency requirement of KN90 in GB 2626-2006. Besides, this product can be still-stored for 24 hours in 38℃/85%RH (simulate the human normal respiratory condition) without change of the filtration efficiency level. For this technology that has already filed an invention patent to national intellectual property administration, PRC named “a method to increase filtration efficiency of face mask and the preparation thereof” (patent application NO:202010148553.7)


“This technology can effectively solve the problem of insufficient electrostatic adsorption property of partial meltblown nonwovens, improve the protective performance of face mask and relieve the supply shortage of KN95 level’s meltblown nonwovens.” Said by Diyuan Tang, CEO of Shengquan Group. “In order to further improve the protective performance of face mask and to stimulate the overall promotion of the industry, Shengquan Group hereby makes commitment: license the patent (granted & in filing) technology mentioned above to the public freely, and to share the technical achievement with peers in the face mask industry chain.”

Meanwhile, under the support of Patent Protection Association of China, Shengquan Group is leading to establish a non-government organization “Hygine Protective Equipment Intellectual Property Alliance of Patent Protection Association of China”, which aims to unify the related companies in industrial chain, jointly to stimulate the technical progress, and make greater contribution to the victory of defeating epidemic battle!

Enterprises, Scientific research institutes and etc can login the official website (http://www.shengquan.com/) of Shengquan Group or “Shengquan Group Wechat public account” to get the patent (granted & in filing) license of “on-line corona discharge treatment technology to increase the filtration efficiency of face mask”, and apply to join the alliance.



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