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4th China Pharma IP Summit 2019 Agenda Overview,Oct23-25 at Shanghai


2019-09-09 14:08:41

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4th China Pharma IP Summit 2019 (CPIPS2019) organized by Shanghai YIP Events, Supported by Pharma IP Right Research Committee of Chinese Pharmaceutical Association , which will be held on 23rd -25th , Oct this year at Primus Hotel Shanghai Hongqiao China.

As a dedicated event to pharmaceutical intellectual property, In the past three years CPIPS has gathered more than 1000 attendees from relevant government departments(CNIPA/EPO/JPO/USPTO), industry associations, global and china local pharma/biotech companies, law firms, IP agencies, IP solution providers and so on. CPIPS topics covered the IP protection and hot issues in all over the world, include mainly China, Europe, US, Japan, South Korea and India. CPIPS is currently the best and largest Pharma IP focused event in China, this year CPIPS will attract more than 500 pharma IP peers from all over the world.

CPIPS 2019 Agenda Overview(Oct23-25):

Day 1 Morning Oct. 23:

Focus on China: Patent Law Amendment, IP Enforcement and Drug Regulatory Updates

0730 Registration
Morning Moderator: Tony Chen,Partner,Jones Day

0830 Conference Chairman Opening Remarks
Qingkui Zhang,Honorary Director,Pharma IP Right Research Committee

0840 Drug Patent Issues of Drug Registration and Approval
Drug Registration Department of NMPA (Inviting)

0920 Examination of Invalidation Cases and Practice of Pharma Compound Patent Examination
Hou Yao, Researcher of Chemistry Appeal DeptⅠ, Reexamination and Invalidation Department of the Patent Office, CNIPA

0955 Measuring Pharmaceutical IP Index Values for Drugs in the Chinese Orange Book
Tony Chen,Partner,Jones Day
Matt Chervenak,CEO,General Biologic

1010 Tea Break

1040 Panel Discussion:Implication & Development of Patent Linkage, Patent Term Restoration in China
Yongshun Cheng,Director,Beijing Intellectual Property Institute
Tony Chen,Partner,Jones Day
Yang Xu, Patent Attorney, BeiGene, Ltd.
Lifang Sun, IP Vice President, Luye Pharma Group

1130 Panel Discussion:Identification and Persuasion Strategy of Technical Facts in Pharma Patent Cases
This panel discussion will combine with some typical pharma patent cases to explore China's judicial reform and innovation initiatives including the technical investigator system, expert support staff, forensic identification, case guidance system, etc.,
Nick Qinghui Liu,Partner, Anjie Law Firm
Bo Xu, Judge, Beijing Intellectual Property Court
Songyan Rui,Judge, Beijing Intellectual Property Court
Xiangsheng Kong,President Assistant,R&D Department General Manager,Livzon Pharmaceutical Group
Yunchuan Zhou, Partner,SAELINK LAW

1220 Lunch

Day 1 Morning Oct. 23
Focus on China: Patent Law Amendment, IP Enforcement and Drug Regulatory Updates

1400 Data Supplementation for Chemical and Biotech Patents
Wu Li,Partner, Anjie Law Firm

1440 IP Challenges and Coping Strategies of Innovative Pharma Company in China
Feng Xu, IP Director for China and Asia, AstraZeneca

1520 IP Challenges and Coping Strategies of Generic Drug Company in China
Yuanxia Liu,Senior Partner,Beijing Origintelligence Intellectual Property Law Firm

1600 Tea Break

1630 Patent Protection of Biological Sequences
Jiwei Yin, Partner, Deputy General Manager, Beijing Sino-Creativity Intellectual Property Law Firm

1710 Panel Discussion: Evaluation of Inventive Step of Pharmaceutical Compound Inventions
Intellectual property protection has become the priority as China’s undergoing surges of innovations in the pharma industry. However, compound patent, as the foundation of patent protection, its effectiveness is frequently challenged in real practice. Therefore it’s important to understand the creativeness of compound creativity, including Markush Claim and compound right claims, rules on judging the creativity of drug compound inventions are being formed in patent invalidity and administrative lawsuits. The group discussion will include aspects of drug compound patents and related cases, i.e. the three-step approach, considerations on unexpected technical effect, recognitions on technical effect and technical problems, whether the change of the ring structure and fixed part of Markush Structure are obvious for existing technologies, whether the scope of definitions on the variations of Markush Structure is obvious for future technologies, how supplemented experiment data are recognized in different auditing phases, etc.
Wenping Chen,Partner, King & Wood Mallesons

Peter Storm,Senior Patent Attorney,AstraZeneca
Yang Xu, Patent Attorney, BeiGene, Ltd.
Songyan Rui,Judge, Beijing Intellectual Property Court
Tina Tai, Partner,King & Wood Mallesons

Day 2 Morning Oct.24
Focus on US: Patent Layout, Generic Drug Launches & IP Protection Strategy in US

0830 Morning Moderator Opening Remarks
Yehudah Livneh,Former VP Corporate IP and Legislative Affairs, Teva Pharmaceuticals

0840 Latest Developments of IPR and Recent Patent Invalidation Cases

  • Patenting in US

  • Introduction of US Post-Grant Review (IPR,PGR,CBM,EPR) and Latest Developments

  • Rules and Principles in IPR Procedures

  • IPR Cases Study

Michael Wise, Partner, Perkins Coie LLP

0910 The Strategy of ANDA Filers to Challenge Patents Under a PIV Certification and Recent ANDA Litigation Cases Study
Shashank Upadhye, Founding Partner, Upadhye Cwik LLP

0950 Identifying the Loss of Exclusivity (LoE) of a U.S. Pharmaceutical Patent Portfolio

  • The LoE date

  • Factors that can increase term: PTA and PTE

  • Factors that can reduce term: obviousness-type double patenting and terminal disclaimers

  • Interplay with FDA regulatory exclusivities

  • Assessing LoE in a complex pharmaceutical patent portfolio

Carl A. Morales, Partner, Dechert LLP
Gang Wang, Associate, Dechert LLP

1040 Tea Break

1110 U.S. Biosimilar Patent Litigation: Strategies and Trends
Keith Orso, Partner, Irell & Manella LLP

1145 Panel Discussion: IP Considerations & Strategies for Pharma Companies When Entering the U.S. Market

  • Developing Your IP Portfolio to Maximize Value               

  • U.S. Specific Issues – Don’t let them trip you up!

  • Ownership and Inventorship

  • CROs, Foreign filing licenses, and the On-Sale Bar

  • Partnering and Due Diligence – Best Practices

Wu Li, Partner, Anjie Law Firm
Teresa Lavoie,Principal, Fish & Richardson P.C.
Caihui Li,Senior IP Director, 3SBio Group
Andy Zhang,Senior Corporate Counsel, Intellectual Property, Sunovion Pharmaceutical
Bharati Nadkarni,Vice President Portfolio Planning and IP litigation,Sun Pharmaceutical

1230 Lunch

Day 2 Afternoon Oct.24:
Challenges Under Brexit &Unitary Patent System & Global Antibodies, Biosimilars

1400 Afternoon Moderator Remarks
Markus Engelhard,Partner,Boehmert & Boehmert

1410 UPC and UPS - Why does it Make Sense for Europe and What Could be the Impact of Brexit?

  • Why – if at all – is Brexit a problem for the UPC/UPS.

  • Determining whether the UK can still participate in the UPC after its exit from EU?

  • How does this affect pharma companies seeking patent protection in the U.K?

  • How will this impact patent prosecution strategies for pharmaceutical companies looking to obtain Unitary Patents?

  • How are we targeting the new Courts – how will Bayer use it? Why is Bayer in favour of the new system?

Dr. Joerg Thomaier, Head of IP, Bayer Group

1450 Recent European Regulatory Developments on Supplementary Protection Certificates (SPCs)

  • The potential impact of Brexit on SPCs 

  • Regulatory data protection rules in the UK

Chris Goddard, Partner, Dehns Patent and Trade Mark Attorneys

1530 How to Build a Successful Licensing Program and Other Strategies for IP Monetization
Peter L. Dolan,Strategy and Business Development Senior Director,Sanofi

1600 Tea Break

1630 Panel Discussion: Global Patent Issues of Therapeutic Antibodies

  • PD-1/PD-L1 patent landscape in the U.S., Europe and China – what are the main freedom-to-operate risks?

  • Challenges of obtaining global patent protection over antibody inventions – what are the common issues?

  • Enhancing the value of antibody inventions – what are the successful claim strategies in different jurisdictions?

  • Life cycle management of therapeutic antibody products – how to protect later arising inventions?

Moderator:Wanli Tang, Associate, Jones Day
Ute Kilger, Partner, Boehmert & Boehmert
Lareina Chen,IP Manager,Shanghai Junshi Biosciences
Qiujuan Ma,Director of Pharmaceutical Division,Patent Examination Cooperation Center (Beijing)
John Lu,Partner, Milbank

1720 Panel Discussion:Biosimilars in US,EU and China: Where Are We Now and Where Are We Going?

  • Regulatory pathways for biosimilars in China,EU and US

  • Regulatory data exclusivity – will it be available for biologics and would it matter?

  • Biosimilars vs. me-toos and biobetters – what is the trend?

  • What is the future of a crowded market for me-toos – is there enough space for biosimilars?

  • Domestic and global players – (when) will global biosimilar players enter China?

  • Will domestic me-too/biosimilars players go global? and Competitive advantage of domestic biosimilars

Dr. Christof Bull,Associate General Patent Counsel,UCB Biopharma
Daisy Wu, IP Director,Shanghai Henlius Biotech,Inc.
Caihui Li,Senior IP Director, 3SBio Group
Dr. Alexander Jamnišek, Senior Patent Attorney,Sandoz
Christopher T. Griffith,Founding Partner,Green, Griffith & Borg-Breen LLP

1810 Cocktail & Networking

Day 3 Morning Oct.25:
Focus on Japan, India,Korea and Brazil: IP Protection and Practical Experiences

0840 Morning Moderator Opening Remarks
Mahendra B. Thakre,Senior General Manager, Global IP, Mylan Laboratories Limited

0845 Patent System and Practice of Medical Fields and Patent Term Extension in Japan

  • Introduction of Japanese patent examination guidelines on medical field, focused on “patent subject matter eligibility of medical invention” and “novelty and inventive step of medical invention” with case examples.

  • Patent term extension system in Japan

  • Recent IP issues in JPO

Toru Matsuoka, Deputy Director, Examination Standards Office,JPO

0920 IP Management & Practices Adopted by Generic Drug Manufacturers from India

  • Introduction to Intellectual property department, its organization & global structure

  • Functioning of the Intellectual property department & it’s working

  • Devising a global IP strategy Vs Geography specific strategy

  • Deciding on Design around Vs invalidation

  • Challenges for Indian company entering china markets

  • Learnings and some of the best practices for Chinese pharmaceutical company

Poonam Raghuvanshi, Vice President & Head of IP, Dr. Reddy's Laboratories Ltd.

1000 Patent System for Pharmaceutical Invention in South Korea

  • Tips for obtaining a pharmaceutical patent in Korea

  • Patent term extension in Korea since 1987

  • Patent-approval linkage system in Korea since 2015

  • Recent key decisions rendered by the Korean Supreme Court

Ilseok Alban Kang, Patent Attorney, FirstLaw P. C.

1035 Tea Break

1105 Life Sciences: IP and Regulatory Environment in Brazil and Selected Latin American Jurisdictions
Gustavo Morais, Partner,IP Agent, Dannemann Siemsen
Ana Carneiro, Partner, IP Agent, Dannemann Siemsen

1140 Panel Discussion: Expanding International Business :Strategy to Grow and Optimize Generic Portfolio in New Geographies (ROW Countries)

  • Identifying and assessing potential market that support and compliment overall growth strategy

  • IP issues and challenges to define portfolio selection strategy

  • Understanding market and regulatory environment to support overall business

  • Strategy to develop and launch of products

Mahendra B. Thakre,Senior General Manager, Global IP, Mylan Laboratories Limited
Bharati Nadkarni,Vice President Portfolio Planning and IP litigation,Sun Pharmaceutical
Yehudah Livneh,Former General Patent Counsel and VP Corporate IP ,Teva Pharmaceuticals

1225 Lunch

Day 3 Afternoon Oct.25:

Focus on Traditional Chinese Medicine:IP Protection and Challenges of Going out

1400 Afternoon Moderator Remarks
Xiaoting Song,Professor,Shanghai International School of Intellectual Property of Tongji University

1410 Patenting Situation of TCM and Studies from Invalidation Cases

  • Status of patent applications of Traditional Chinese Medicine

  • The problem of low quality of patent application documents

  • Novelty,Inventiveness and Practical applicability issues

  • Studies from invalidation cases

  • Practical advises for patent applicant

Jiangming Wu,Deputy Director,Patent Examination Cooperation Jiangsu Center of The Patent Office

1450 Rethinking of Patent Creative Evaluation for Traditional Chinese Medicine
Yongfeng Zheng,Legal Director and Vice Dean of Research Institute, Tasly Holding Group

1530 Tea Break

1600 Protect the Technologies from Traditional Chinese Medicine: Challenges and Opportunities
Xiaoting Song,Professor,Shanghai International School of Intellectual Property of Tongji University

1640 Panel Discussion: IP Challenges and Strategy for Traditional Chinese Medicine ‘Going Out’
Xiaoting Song,Professor,Shanghai International School of Intellectual Property of Tongji University
Jincai Hou, Research Institute President, China Shineway Pharmaceutical Group
Yongfeng Zheng,Legal Director ,Tasly Holding Group
Xiarui Dou, IP and Legal Director,Yabao Pharmaceutical Group

1730 Conference Ending

For more information please contact organizer (Shanghai YIP Events) below or visit conference website at www.pharmaip.cn

Johnson Li
Conference Manager
Tel: 86 21 6142 1083
Mobile: 86 189 1779 8290 (Wechat)
Email: johnson.li@yipevents.com



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