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Data Scape sues Apple for patent infringement


2019-01-07 15:15:58


A lawsuit has been filed against Apple by a company called Data Scape for infringing six patents which were directed to data and communication systems,

The lawsuit was filed in the US District Court for the Central District of California Western Division on the day after Christmas, December 26.

In the lawsuit, Data Scape, the company which sued Apple mostly targeted the products and services of Apple including iTunes and iCloud.

The first patent is the US number 7,720,929 which is titled “Communication system and its method and communication apparatus and its method”.

According to the lawsuit, the infringing products communicate with each other and transfer a file or document from one Apple device to another. e.g Macbook to iPhone.

The claim by Data Scape also includes that the products also have a second apparatus which compromises “a communicator configured to communicate with said first apparatus”. For instance, the iPhone is designed to communicate and sync with the iCloud drive over Wi-Fi or Cellular network.

Data Scape also alleged that Apple has also been involved in the infringement of four more patents US numbers 10,027,751; 7,617,537; 9,380,112; and 9,712,614, all of which are also called “Communication system and its method and communication apparatus and its method”.

There also remains one more patent which is the US number 7,239,469 and named “Recording apparatus, server apparatus, recording method program, and storage medium”.

Data Scape’s motive behind this lawsuit is permanent ruling and order which requires Apple to pay all of the damages, costs, expenses, and pre-judgment and post-judgment interest.

It not surprising to see Apple sued by anyone as in the past many companies and individuals have sued Apple for various matters.

Source: iCloud Central

Editor: Dora

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