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HMD now files for PureDisplay and Face Unlock trademarks


2018-09-10 14:24:39


HMD recently acquired the PureView trademark from Microsoft which got everyone thinking that there may be a Nokia PureView smartphone on the horizon. But the company isn't satisfied just yet. It has also filed a couple of more trademarks that includes PureDisplay and Face Unlock. Now these filings don't reveal or give us a lot of clues about the next Nokia phone, but it does give us an idea of the direction the company is heading.

Of the two new trademarks registered, Face Unlock is pretty self explanatory, but not necessarily anything to write home about because HMD already offers facial recognition as a biometric feature for most of its Nokia phone. But PureDisplay sounds interesting because it could be what HMD will call the displays on its future Nokia phones much like Samsung refers to its displays as Infinity Displays. PureDisplay also recalls to mind the old PureMotion trademark which was used on the Lumia 920. The display was notable for bringing a high refresh rate of 60Hz some five years ago.

We could see a Nokia phone with a PureDisplay, but as to what unique feature the display will bring is still unknown. Other trademarks that HMD has acquired already includes Asha, Dual-Sight, Xpress-On and the recent PureView. With PureDisplay, we could expect a Nokia flagship phone in the near future with maybe an OLED display as the description in the filing does make a mention of OLED displays.

When we heard that HMD acquired the PureView trademark, speculations rose that the company is working on a camera-centric smartphone. The Nokia phones so far have impressed in almost every department except for their cameras and a radical camera smartphone like those 41MP PureView Nokia phones of old could just do the trick for the company. Earlier this year, we heard rumours that a Nokia phone is in the works with a circular setup and a whopping five cameras inside. With the PureView trademark in the bag, this no longer sounds like a far-fetched idea anymore.


Editor: dora

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