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Global IP Ecology Congress is Coming - Look Forward to Your Participation


2017-09-27 16:29:56

2017 Global Intellectual Property Ecology Congress

  Constructing New Partnerships of IP Institutions alongside One Belt and One Road

GIPC 长 banner.jpg

  The "One Belt and One Road" initiative has not only brought new horizons and new opportunities for the IP industry, but also mention new resources and new challenges. As an integrated IP service organization with global, IPR Daily hopes to seize this historic opportunity, and invite the world's intellectual property advantages enterprises and service agencies to discuss the latest hot topics and jointly promote the industry progress.

  2017 Global Intellectual Property Ecology Congress (hereinafter referred to as GIPC 2017) will be held in Beijing Asia Hotel on November 18, organized jointly by IPRdaily and Capital Intellectual Property Services Association. As the most influential IP industrial gala, GIPC 2017 will invite 800 industrial elites from more than 300 companies of 15 countries to attend. Meanwhile, dozens of international media will take part in reporting this event.

  GIPC 2017 will focus on the building new cooperation relationships with One Belt and One Road IP institutions. Through high-end dialogues, important IP agencies and firms alongside the One Belt and One Road will be connected. Also, we will invite some forerunners in the One Belt and One Road countries to share with GIPC participants.

  GIPC 2017 will be divided into main forum, interaction exhibition area, experience area, interview area, 2016 industry report of Chinese IP Agent and gala dinner.

  The focus of GIPC 2017 will not only be the connection and cooperation, it also grasp the pulse of time. New elements will be added into GIPC 2017 this year, including Think Tank, talents, automobiles, publication, finance, aerospace, industry design, selection activities, business docking and education training, which altogether help IP industry to integrate in the internet era.

  Preparation for GIPC 2017 has now begun. Consistent with our prospect that connecting international IP practitioners, IPRdaily hopes to witness the new future with you.

  Eight Highlight Spots of GIPC 2017

  1.New Cooperation Opportunities, New Future

  The initiative of One Belt and One Road has broaden IP outlook and brought many opportunities as well. Here international IP forerunners will brainstorm to bring our industry to a new level.

  2.Cross-strait Talks from Global Perspective

  Lots of China's regional big firms have started businesses overseas as information, business and service bearing platforms. Overseas business has great prospects. What the industry leaders will talk about in this Leadership Summit? Let us look forward to!

  3.Top Industrial Guests

  IP leaders of giant enterprises, no matter Chinese ones or international ones, will gather in Beijing to talk about international cooperation, IP operation, patent layout overseas and so on.

  4.Dialogues Focusing on IP Hot Topics

  Clash of industrial thoughts will lead to new concept. GIPC high-end dialogues will attract IP elites to predict the future of IP industry.

  5.Future is coming: IP + Technology

  Bigdata and artificial intelligence is an irreversible development trend of intellectual property industry, GIPC 2017 will invite a large number of IP elites in the field of science and technology enterprises to come together and plan the ecological chain of intellectual property under the development of big data jointly.

  6.IP Capital Drives for Innovation

  As the GIPC 2017 innovation plate, the financial forum has not been held yet but it has attracted the public's attention already. Many of the top professionals involved in the intellectual property industry will be gathered here, they will do a series of discussions on intellectual property finance and capital securitization.

  7.IP Strongest Brains

  The value of the patent is in operation. This intellectual property training camp will invite enterprises and institutional elites to form the "strongest brains" of the intellectual property industry, demonstrating the cutting-edge model and the latest concept of intellectual property operation license in all directions, which will allow the participants to be satisfied.

  8. Sailing in the IP Sea

  Going overseas has become the only way for domestic intellectual property service agencies to be internationalized. Chinese regional representatives have already seized the overseas market. What is the present status for local service agencies going overseas? Is the market optimistic? How to promote overseas markets? What high quality products we can get help? What obstacles we will be encountered with in the process of going overseas? How should we avoid?


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