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First case of “Longteng” Action in Shanghai: 6,450 rolls of infringing dyed fabric


2017-09-25 14:55:08

  On September 20, Shanghai Customs sent a letter of notification to Shanghai Changda Import & Export Co., Ltd., saying that 6,450 rolls of dyed fabric infringing upon the latter’s exclusive trademark rights had been detained in accordance with the relevant law, valued at 100,000 US dollars. This is the first case of IPR infringement uncovered by Shanghai customs since the beginning of “Longteng” Action launched by the customs nationwide on September 1.

  According to information, the parent company of Changda, Orient International (Holding) Co., Ltd. has registered 33 trademarks for its own brands and registered them all with the Customs for IP protection since 1957. It also files trademark applications in many regions abroad. Shanghai Customs detained 6,450 rolls of dyed fabric infringing upon the exclusive rights of the trademark “Fairy Dance (figurative)” in the “Longteng” Action, which means a lot to protecting the brands and maintaining the overseas image of Changda.

Source: Xinhua

Editor: Camila

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