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Disney asks judge to toss out “Zootopia” copyright claim


2017-05-25 19:17:42

The Walt Disney Company has asked a federal judge to toss out a copyright lawsuit alleging that it infringed a screenwriter’s work in its “Zootopia” film.

Esplanade Productions, which was founded by screenwriter Gary Goldman, filed its suit against Disney at the US District Court for the Central District of California in March.

It argued that Disney had infringed Goldman’s copyright, that there was a breach of confidence and that Disney had competed unfairly. 

However in the dismissal notion, filed on Monday, May 22, Disney said it was “just another example in a long history of plaintiffs coming out of the woodwork after a motion picture has achieved critical and financial success to claim credit—and proceeds—where none is due”.

It added: “Plaintiff (Esplanade Productions) has refused to provide to defendants (Walt Disney) any of the materials purportedly infringed.

“Despite the fact that the complaint relies entirely on these materials, they were not attached to the complaint and have not been produced,” added the cliam.

A California federal judge will decide whether Esplanade can move forward on its claim.


Source: WIPR

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